About the Artist


Portrait of the Artist

What is the vision of an artist?

What urges him to create?

In what way does he respond to a changing world?


I’m fascinated by these questions. I want to know who the artist is, where the sense of urgency to create comes from, and how his art responds to a rapidly changing world. I’m always looking for artists whose work has a transformative power on people and societies.


The last couple of years I travelled a lot, and I was part of many theatre workshops and projects. I came across a number of artists who touched my soul. I believe their voices need to be heard. I want to learn from them, look through their eyes, allow you to look through their eyes. This is my way of introducing them to you. In written form and in podcasts.


I’m convinced that the world is in need of transformative art. Art that has the power to change people. With the help of the artists I interview I’ll explain why.


Jelle Talsma was born the 25th of January 1990 in Groningen. Moved to Utrecht at the age of nineteen. To Brussels at the age of thirty. Started doing theatre at the age of nineteen. Started journalism at the age of nineteen. He’s a journalist now. He’s an actor now. He’s both. He’s neither. He’s searching now. He’s mainly curious. He mainly doesn’t have a clue. 
Photo’s: Raymond Dekker
Artwork site: Gemma Pauwels